All of our Roller Skate classes feature techniques from dance / artistic / speed / street / derby / fitness / jam & park skating. 

These classes are a dynamic fusion of genres & include lots of variety with our main mission being for you to have fun, build fitness, strength, confidence & skills. All while making new friends on wheels, safely. 

We guide our crew on how to skate safely, improve technique & fitness recovery. Where to get gear & how to contribute to roller skating events and the community in positive ways. 

2021 Terms

We run four terms a year and they typically run for 8 or 6 weeks. Please book all classes as early as  possible as we have class limits and have a waiting list for all classes. 

Please note that due to lockdowns / Covid 19, anyone is welcome to join another class to make up for any missed classes. Refunds for the term are not available. We ensure that we run extra classes, events and gatherings to add extra value for our crew every term.