What to Bring / Wear

Bring your own skates – if you don’t have skates please get in touch and we can help you purchase/hire some.

Please bring your own protective gear:
Helmet, Wristguards , Elbow-Pads, Kneepads
Also don’t forget to bring a Water Bottle and Face Mask!

Please wear comfy active wear – nothing too flowy or long that could get caught in your wheels. We totally encourage playfulness and self-expression (and love a party) so will often have dress-up themes. You can check in on the Facebook member group for ‘Theme of the Week’. You don’t ever need to buy anything new to dress up though – we’ll have extra outfits and costumes for you to feel special too!


Check your skates regularly to ensure there’s no loose screws, your wheels are rolling easily, stoppers haven’t worn down and your laces are tied correctly. Our workshop leaders can show you how to do this and we encourage you to book into one of our Skate Maintenance workshops. If you have any questions – you can get in touch with us at any time and we can help you.


All classes are limited to 10 participants. The space is outside and large enough to accommodate plenty of social distancing room.
Hand Sanitiser and handwashing facilities are provided in the space. Please wear a mask in accordance with restriction protocols.

I’m new here – where to start?

Our classes are graded to your experience – beginners, intermediate and advanced. If you’re new and consider yourself an intermediate skater, we’d encourage you to join the beginners class so we can assess your abilities and allow you to get to know the school and the way we roll!

Where are the classes?

The classes are held in the Industrial Estate in Torquay outside of the Feed Me Warehouse, 7-9 Cylinder Drive, Torquay 3228.

What happens in a class?

Each class is tailored to different levels and abilities as per the individuals’ experiences.

All classes will improve your fitness through strength, balance and cardio. The classes are designed to be lots of fun and encourage self-expression through music, different genres of dance, games, obstacles, drills and exploring genres of skating like park skating, street skating, dance skating, speed skating etc.


We believe everyone should be able to enjoy skating and encourage anyone who may have extra requirements to allow them to participate to get in touch and we can work with you to create a tailored and personalised skate experience.

We wholeheartedly welcome the LGBTQIA+ community and all Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders when accessing classes.

We appreciate this is a challenging time for many people financially so encourage potential participants to get in touch to discuss payment/payment plans.